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Steel Fabrication & Supply Services


Where we offer a range of professional steel fabrication and supply services. Our team of experts has decades of experience in the industry, specialising in small, medium, and large commercial projects, as well as specialist residential projects. We take pride in delivering exceptional standards of work that exceed our customers' expectations, whether it's steel supplies in Dandenong or structural steel fabrication across Melbourne. Explore our services below and contact us for a quote today.


Our Projects


What We Offer

Canny Apartments
Canny Apartments Doncaster

We have been setting the standard as professional residential steel fabricators in Melbourne for years.

Structural Steel
Steel Supplies in Dandenong

With over six decades of leadership experience, Barra Steel is a quality manufacturer and distributor of steel in the Australian market.

Commercial Building
Structural Steel Fabrication

If you are looking for highly reliable steel wholesalers in Melbourne, Barra Steel is the answer to all your needs.

Steel Fabricators Melbourne
Steel Fabricators Melbourne

Selecting steel fabricators in Melbourne capable of supporting an upcoming commercial or industrial project is a foundational step for any undertaking.

Residential Steel Fabrication
Residential Steel Fabrication

We have been setting the standard as professional residential steel fabricators in Melbourne for years.

Commercial Steel Fabrication
Commercial Steel Fabrication

We are the local professionals in commercial steel fabrication, taking on a wide range of small, medium-sized, and large commercial construction projects in Melbourne and beyond.


Why Choose Us

Decades of experience in the steel fabrication industry One of the most reliable and innovative steel fabricators in Australia Use of the latest technology to produce exceptional results Dedication to planning ahead and producing solutions for our customers Personalized services to ensure each project is completed to the highest standard Commitment to exceeding customer expectations with exceptional standards of work Choose Barra Steel for your next project and experience the difference.


The Past

Established in 1995, Barra Steel starts from humble beginnings with a man whom had dedicated 30 yrs of his life to the industry wanting to provide better buisiness for customers.


The Present

In 2016 and after more than 20yrs under it's own brand, Barra Steel has established itself among the best operating steel fabricators in the country with a tireless team of dedicated professionals.


The Future

Always innovative, Barra Steel looks to grow it's operational capabilities by adding autonomous operations to work alongside its current workforce, ensuring more flexibile and efficient production for our customers.


The good things we build end up building us